Deadpool movie review (spoilers)

If you have been living under a rock the past few months you would have missed the ridiculous amount of marketing put behind Deadpool. Literally it was advertised everywhere with some very creative pieces. So with a film having such a huge media push it had a lot to deliver.

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Nespresso coffee experience

Nespresso coffee is doing a new ad campaign with Jack Black and George Clooney. I’m not sure if i have this to blame or last weeks discussion with a few people in work and close friends.

I’ve never been a person who drinks hot tea or coffee. The type of person that gets up in the morning and has a cup to wake ¬†up or unable to get through the day without one. I’ve never seen the attraction?

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Burger – Simple and easy with bacon and BBQ sauce.

I admit that one of my favourite foods to enjoy are burgers, BUT they must be to a standard. I feel restaurants these days try to dress up the simple burger with multiple toppings, sauces and everything else in the kitchen and to be honest no longer becomes a burger meal.

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X Files – Series 10

X Files back when i was a young teenager was something i looked forward to each season. Although it made me ask more questions than it answered, it was something that gave me a great understanding to what just wasn’t available in books in those years. (Yes the internet was just a noisy 56k modem back then.)

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