Barburrito – Why do you make me feel tired after eating?

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So it’s Friday, I was fairly good in what I ate this week and so in the office we decided to have a Barburrito Lunch in Manchester.

After the lunch and walking back to the office it settled on my stomach and made me very tired and sleepy. What I do for a day job is something I very much enjoy and for a good two hours it was a struggle and a battle between working on code and  trying not to close my eyes and drift into a deep sleep.

I understand that when eating food high in protein (I had a loaded chicken and beef) along with carbs from the rice this sets the body into digesting mode and it’s breaking down the food into calories and fuel.

With this the body produces hormones and insulin which help move that food into blood and into cells where it’s needed. I know this is in very simple terms and I’m sure the biology scientists and those that study sports science will give further details, BUT I don’t want to bore you!

These body processes in turn cause you to feel sleepy because your body is going at full speed to deal with the large amount of food. otherwise it will just go to waste and we would forever be going to the toilet.

Calories in a burrito?

You would think a bit of rice, beans and meat wouldn’t add up to much but when you add it all up you would be looking at around 850 to 1000 Calories for a regular burrito. Choosing white rice over brown, beef over steak and no cheese can reduce those calories a lot!

take a look at Barburrito’s nutritional chart and add up your favourite. Post your results in the comments.

So what have I learnt from eating Barburrito at lunch?

Eat a bit less for lunch and a combination of lighter ingridients which will sustain my energy through to dinner and not leave me sleepy or hungry.

It’s a battle to find a satisfying lunch everyday and a verity that makes those taste buds happy.

If you have any suggestions for lunch that you recommend I try, contact me or write in the comments below and we will try them out when we can. Although i do enjoy a good burrito i think i won’t be visiting Barburrito again for my office lunch.

If you haven’t tried a burrito before visit their website Here.

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