Nespresso coffee experience

Nespresso coffee is doing a new ad campaign with Jack Black and George Clooney. I’m not sure if i have this to blame or last weeks discussion with a few people in work and close friends.

I’ve never been a person who drinks hot tea or coffee. The type of person that gets up in the morning and has a cup to wake  up or unable to get through the day without one. I’ve never seen the attraction?

A friend a good 4 years or so ago got a machine and used to wind me up asking if I wanted a coffee every time I went round as an on going joke. I had one every now and then but he would constantly have one in his hand.

Now I live with my girlfriend she is a prolific coffee/tea drinker I think the teaspoons in the sink tell me how bad her habit is, it’s another running joke.

Anyways lets get to the point of this post, after discussing with a guy at work who tells me that his habit of around 2 cups a day makes him a more productive person got me thinking, could I perform better as a person with a few cups a day?

which coffee and machine do i get?

I did a brief bit of research. When I say brief I probably spent around an hour or so. I had a few requirements already which enabled me to narrow it down considerably.

  • Coffee has to be of a average to high standard.
  • Choice of flavours and also availability (I didn’t want to have to replace my machine anytime soon)
  • The colour of the machine needed to match the kitchen or other kitchen gadgets.
  • Machine had to be of quality in looks and build. (It’s going to get used daily by my girlfriend)

So in our house we already had a kettle by De’longhi and a mixer by Kitchenaid. So ideally the machine would be by either brand.

Looking at both the kitchenaid one was ideal as it looked good, same colour as the mixer and fitted in well with the kitchen. Performance wise it heats water like all the rest what else do I need it to do really?

We went to John Lewis first as they stocked the model we wanted. Turns out they didn’t have the one where is froths the milk and that was only available directly with Nespresso or by special order? And they cannot sell us the milk frother separate. Silly really and left us leaving the store and going directly to Nespresso store at the Trafford Center in Manchester. John Lewis take note!!

Nespresso retail shop has a great customer experience

We are glad we went to the Nespresso store directly after all. The buying experience was fantastic. We enjoyed a free coffee at the coffee room and was told about all the flavours and origins. Then we were given a pitch on all the machines, how they work and the advantages which was great, but we knew which one we wanted before we walked in.

We walked out with 250pack variety coffee pack which was called the “discovery” pack.

Nespresso Discovery coffee pack

Nespresso coffee cap "Discovery" box

Nespresso Discovery box closeup

Nespresso coffee discovery pack

A glass display container called the Ritual which holds all the caps

Nespresso Ritual coffee cap glass display container

KitchenAid coffee machine and Nespresso coffee caps

Because we bought the discovery pack we got a free display case which was really nice.

Nespresso display box package box

Nespresso display box unpacking

Nespresso cap display

And not to forget the kitchenaid machine in white and the milk frother.

KitchenAid Coffee Machine

KitchenAid Nespresso machine box unpacked

Nespresso Aeroccino3

Milk froth Aeroccino3 machine

Coffee machine, milk froth machine and a cup of black coffee

At the till we signed up to the Nespresso Club which allows us free coffee in the shop when we go in anytime and discounts on bulk purchases (I think?)

Coffee and Nespresso club leather fobs  Nespresso club leather fob
Frothed milky coffee
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Just for complete disclosure i bought this myself, i wasn’t paid by Nespresso or any other brands mentioned in this post and all my comments are my own and a truthful purchase experience.

thank you for reading 🙂

If you haven’t seen the Jack Black and George Clooney Nespresso advert check it out below.

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