Burger – Simple and easy with bacon and BBQ sauce.

Bacon and BBQ burgers

I admit that one of my favourite foods to enjoy are burgers, BUT they must be to a standard. I feel restaurants these days try to dress up the simple burger with multiple toppings, sauces and everything else in the kitchen and to be honest no longer becomes a burger meal.

This quick and easy burger recipe isn’t greasy, anyone can make it and each burger comes out at roughly £1.80 each. You could get it down to £1 a burger if you make more burger patties from the meat.

To start making this easy burger

  • 400g of mince beef.

I prefer using around 12% fat as the lean mince tends to be too dry and crumbly as we don’t use any bonding ingredient.

Then we look to season the meat. So we add

  • Garlic granules
  • Paprika
  • American steak seasoning

Just sprinkle a thin layer over the meat of each.

Then mix the meat and slowly mold it together. Don’t squeeze it and squash it to an inch of its life it should be lightly molded.

Now we have the burger meat ready. Put some bacon strips on the pan on a medium to high heat with NO oil and flip when each side gets crispy. Once cooked, put on a paper towel to cool and remove excess juice.

Now with the bacon juice that’s left in the pan put the burgers in the pan and flip a few times till you get a firm cooked burger. It should take 5 minutes to do 2 at a time!

The buns French brioche burger buns and in my opinion are the best bun for a burger you can use and if you haven’t tried them I must insist! I get mine from Aldi.

Once you are ready to plate up just put the burgers on the buns, no need for butter or anything. On the burgers I’ve added BBQ sauce, you can use whatever condiment you enjoy!

Simple quick and easy! And very filling!

Enjoy! And if you made some burgers from following this, send us pictures with your results and we will include your pictures.

Thank you for reading, this was my first reciepe on lifestyleman and hopefully more to come. If you are a budding chef or a professional and want to share your favoured dish, get in touch to become a guest poster on lifestyleman.

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