Deadpool movie review (spoilers)

If you have been living under a rock the past few months you would have missed the ridiculous amount of marketing put behind Deadpool. Literally it was advertised everywhere with some very creative pieces. So with a film having such a huge media push it had a lot to deliver.

Right choice for director for Deadpool?

Tim Miller directed Deadpool, now for a major movie such as this I’m unsure of how he got it? He’s directed 2 other movies, Rockfish which was an animated movie in 2003 and Aunt Luisa. Both shorts. He did work on Scott pilgrim vs the world, Thor and a multitude of video games. So if someone could help me understand how he got picked for director of Deadpool that would be great.

He did a good job though, Deadpool was a great easy watch, masterclass of hidden Easter eggs, the script was brilliant with some of the best comedy lines I’ve seen in a film. It did very well in taking the comedy from the comics and bringing it alive in movie format.

Ryan Reynolds who plays Wade Wilson a dis functional but very witty character meets female version of himself a strong witty sexual Vanessa played by Morena Baccarin with a whirlwind of sexual scene cuts wade then discovers he has cancer.

He gets offered a one in a lifetime opportunity to be cured of cancer and have super abilities/powers by a man in a suit. I mean who else would turn down such an opportunity? So he leaves Vennesa to be cured.

As much as I’m spoilling with this review I won’t go into too much detail now.

He then finds out that to cure him he has to go through a mutation which gives him the super abilities. Because this turns him from a fresh face gentleman to something like Freddy Kruger he feels he has to hide from Venessa and never return to her. He then goes on a mission to find the man who did this to him and get a cure.

In sort that is the plot. It might seem like something we have all read and seen in movies before but with the amount of comedy and action in the film it’s a very easy watch and had me and friends laughing throughout.

X-men spoiled it for me

The only bits I felt that let down the movie was the introduction of the two characters from X-men. Stefan Kapicic who played Collosus was just a boring Character, and he just slowed down some of the scenes and spoiled the flow. Very annoying. Brianna Hildebrand who played “Negasonic Teenage Warhead” yes that’s her characters name, WTF! She didn’t say much and like Collosus was just there to tie in the upcoming X-men movie in my honest opinion.

Go see with friends

Overall if you want a good laugh, you want action, you want violence, sexual scenes, one liners you can use in your life on friends and enemies then this is an easy watch. Don’t expect any oscar award movie though. Just a good watch with friends.


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