Hello, my name is Richard from Knutsford, Cheshire in the UK. Im a front end developer and felt it was about time i created my own blog after helping everyone else create their own.

I enjoy debating about life, talking about movies, tv shows, business and technology and how we are all going to be slaves to a robot ninja’s? But i just enjoy a simple life if i was given the chance..

What should you expect from this blog?

Currently i’m not sure (i’ve not even decided on a design of the website, and its 1am) so it will start off with rambles, random topics and thoughts but i’d life to steer it in a direction on giving reviews on everything i encounter in life, and if it inspires or helps anyone along the way then cool.

Am i biased?

No, unless I’m been paid millions and then ill say whatever they want me to say. But in all seriousness everything that is written on this blog is my own opinion, my own words and if I’m ever asked by a company to review a product, it will be fair and the honest truth.

Can you review my product?

Yes, contact me. I review anything within reason and as long as it fits within my lifestyle and blog topics.

Maybe you can help with my blog post ideas?